Saturday, December 1, 2012


It been quite some time now posting on my blog. It has never been easy. However, things are under control. Sorry to my readers. I have successfully graduated from University of Cape Coast. On may 19th, I took my last exam paper and exited peacefully from the university campus. Thanks to Late Kees and the entire SmartKids Foundation both nationally and internationally. Your supports and prayers has brought me this far. Love you all. Our graduation was held on the 23rd of september, 2012. Unfortunately, I missed the graduation because of some ailment.I Was recovering from malaria attack. I was awarded Second Class, Upper division. It would have been great time to be with colleagues and my SmartKids counterparts;Elizabeth,Isaac,Frederick. All the same everything happen for a purpose. I’m grateful to God. Anyway, I was very happy in the house not withstanding my ailment. I have started my national service. I’m working at the Dept of Culture, Konongo Municipal Assemby, Kumasi. It interesting , few weeks of work experience.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Eight years ago (2004), a very great man, Kees Hoodendijk left EUROPE for the shores of AFRICA. His great mission was to help Africans reduce poverty by given education to brilliant but underprivileged kids. He always said “ The African must be taught how to fish rather than given a fish”. This he did by looking for brilliant but underpriveleged and highly motivated kids from all over Ghana and give them the best of education. This is how we ( SmarKids,Ghana) met Mr. Kees Hoodendijk. Over the years He has devoted all his life trying to carry his vision. Kees has given education to 98 underprivileged kids in Ghana. When He is asked 'do you have children?' yes, I have 98 kids in Africa. It’s indeed a great achievement to have such a number of children.
KEES was not only interested in our education but also our general welfare. He visited our family and helped in all our endeavors of life. He has transformed our lives forever,given us the best of education,helping us gain knowledge.

Kees your sudden death has left deep pain in the heart of your children in Africa.your memory continues to linger in our heart.The Ghana Chess Board will never forget you. You have been a father that we will never forget. KEES, you said that in 2050 we will say goodbye to poverty in Africa but you have left us in the middle of the journey. You never saw your children fish. You have left a very great pain in our heart.We are so grateful that we met you. May your soul rest in perfect Peace,KEES.

Monday, January 30, 2012

enjoy this short story from me

WHY BABIES CAN’T TALK. Very long time ago, babies were able to speak as soon as they were born. They did not cry when they wanted food, or when they were too hot or too cold or uncomfortable in any way. They just opened their mouths and told their mothers what they wanted. This made it very easy for their mothers to look after them. Unlike nowadays when babies just cry and their mothers have to guess what their babies want. In fact, it was very easy to take care of children by parents that way. However, the babies were not very wish. They never reasoned like adults. Wise people do not talk about all that they see or hear. But the foolish babies did not know this. If someone comes to the house with only one leg or any other physical deformity, a baby would definitely react by saying,’ go away, one-legged man!’ The man would be angry and the baby’s mother would be ashamed. She has to apologise to the person, and she would begin to wish that babies did not know how to speak after all. It was such an unbearable character of babies. They caused a lot of troubles with their foolish talk. They often created disharmony between neighbours. During those days, a certain woman used to steal from people but never caught. She often did that when nobody is seen in the house. She does her stealing through very clever means. One day, she decided to steal from a nearby house as usual. She entered the house as if she was going to take some burning wood from the house to light hers. The owner of the house was not in. only her little baby was lying on a mat in the room. The woman saw some money on a table. She went closer and touched the money. She said ‘I can take this money since there is no one here, only a little baby, no one will know that I took the money ’. She quickly made it to her house after hiding the money under her clothes. When the baby’s mother returned, she shouted, ‘who has stolen my money?’ The baby at once told her. He said, ‘Mother, I know the thief. She is the woman in the next house.’ He described how the woman took the money and hid in her clothes and made it home. The story of the baby spread like bush fire. Everybody wanted to hear his story. They cheered him. They clapped their hands and shouted’ Thief! Thief!!!! at the woman who had stolen the money from the house. She was very ashamed. She pleaded for forgiveness and took a vow not to even steal a pesewa from anybody again. OboadeŠĹ≥, Maker and owner of All Things (GOD), heard the story. He also heard that babies often made rude and foolish pronouncement because they were not old enough to be wise. He planned to do something about that to prevent babies from doing that. So, He took some water yam, cut it into two equal parts and scrapped some of the raw yam with knife. He put the scrapped yam into the baby’s throat. Since that time, babies have not been able to talk. Whenever they try to say something, a little raw scrapped yam comes out of the mouth instead. As they grow older and wiser the white substance becomes less and lesser in their throat, they begin to talk little by little. When they are old and wise enough, they can talk as their parents. ALIU ALHASSAN.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Academically, I am very optimistic of success. lectures have been very vibrant. And indeed very good causes. For the past eighteen months, I will say that I am making it. I am in the second class division and sure that I will complete the BA. SOCIAL SCIENCES programme with second class upper division. . I have combined Economics and Sociology. I will finish with these two courses. There is improvement in my results as compared to my level 100 performance. Also, during group discussions on campus, I make very great impact. I have been group leader in almost all group assignment and discussions. My group is always successful. However, last semester, my group performed poorly in one group assignment. We scored as low as 8 out of 20.
During last semester break, I undertook industrial attachment with a newly established Vodafone office in my locality. I was assisting my friend in the ICT section. I provide technical support to them. For this Xmass break, I had offered little because the break is very short. School will resume in a week time.
Financially, SmartKids foundation has been my backbone. I have received full financial support (scholarship) from the foundation since I started my SHS education and also my tertiary education. They have taken me through the educational ladder. My school fees, accommodation, books and other expenses are taken care by SKF. I am very grateful for such support. I always make sure that all money received is spent for the intended purpose and it is the secrete to my financial success in school. I have learnt to manage money in all in all aspect of life.

I am never socially poor. It is only that I very careful with people I associate. I study people and devise appropriate method to associate with them. So far, I have no problem with any individual or group. Even when problems come, we make amendment and we get on the move again. The fact is that I can’t always be right to people. I do attend few social programmes. Indeed some of them are very educative.

However, there have been some major setbacks in my degree career trying to carry a lot of weight on my head. I am soon to start the last semester in school. I am going to finish hard.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have successfully completed the end of semester examination. The exam was cool. Just that things have become more demanding. Not withstanding that I am making a good sail through. Though my quizzes yielded poor results, the exam was comparatively better. I am Sure of good results.
Recently, I am at home trying to put one or two things in order. It is a very short break and i have Very little to offer.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


SO FAR SO GOOD. I'm into the last but one sgemester in the university. It has been a long way. Soon or later, I'm going out of the university. What is the way forward for me? My SHS teacher ones told me “the world out there is very rough”. I did not get the actual meaning of that. The discipline sociology has broadened my understanding of the world we dwell. That is the real world for man. I have had lot of personal, psychological, social and mental experience. After school, I have to do my national service. Get myself job and definitely pursue my career, NGO’s Management. I want to impact much on society. I am going to start the end of semester exam in four weeks time. Preparing for five courses: Advance Economic Theory, Economic Growth and Development, Rural Micro Finance, Sociology of Education, and Problems of Theory Building. I am in love with Rural Micro Finance. I will establish my own micro finance institution after school. It is to empower poor people, especially women in my society.
Last semester I scored grade point average of 3.2 out of 4.0. Working hard this semester too.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


We are done with this years annual meeting.It was a nice one. Everyone was happy about his or her presence. We discussed very important issues pertaining the SmartKids foundation. Parents and dignitaries were also available at the meeting.we had interactions with one another.You can have a look at some of the pictures during the meeting by clicking this link.or click '2011 SMARTKIDS ANNUAL MEETING above' The pictures are contained in our picasa albulm/link.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I am about to end my sail through third year in the university. Just one week to end up such a task. You know, it not just ending but to end up making what is called ‘a remarkable sail’.
Already, I have taken three exam papers. Anyway, they were manageable papers. Two more papers to run up. Both of them would be written on 24th of this month (May). There is the need for me to finish hard. At least, I have one week to prepare for the two papers.
Just after my exam, I have to go to Kumasi to help organize the SmartKids annual meeting, 2011. The scheduled date is 4th of June. At the moment, invitation of other SmartKids is in progress. We are trying to reach everyone for the meeting. In facts, I’m very happy to get the opportunity to see everyone again as a family. Mr. Kees is about to come to Ghana. I wish him safe journey home. I see Ghana to be his homeland.

Friday, April 22, 2011


This semester has been marked by lot of activities; campaign, hall weeks celebrations, and presentations. Early this semester, lot of students vied for the student leadership/administration. In facts, some of them conveyed very good messages. Others were also building castle in the air. I was much interested in voting on the students represented council (SRC). Other positions included local NUGS, Hall executives etc. It was the first time we did electronic voting (e-voting). It was very efficient and reliable. It allowed no room for rigging. Most of my favorite candidates carried the day.
While the political campaign was ongoing , various hall week celebrations were also in progress. It was very unfortunate that I couldn’t attend any of them. I even felt reluctant to attend that of my hall.
Academic activities are also in progress. It is severe as usual. I made very good presentation for my group in one of the courses (ECONOMY OF GHANA). It was a controversial presentation. Our lecturer could easily disqualify a group. Four presentations carried out that day were disqualified except that of my group. We impressed the lecturer. That was my initiative as a good group leader.
The first step of the SmartKids selection, 2011 has taken place. Letters have been sent to the regional directors of education of two regions: Western and Central region. We are communicating with them on regular basis in order to get things done the way we want it. I hope that there is going to be very good selection.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last year,November, 2010, the SmartKIDS junior board attended a meeting organized by some investors in Ghana. It is organized each year to bring together investors and resourced persons from all the sectors of the economy to help others to cope with the ongoing economic situation of the country,Ghana,to generate ideas for development through partnerships and networking.We were there to make presentation of the SmartKids FOUNDATION. We had the opportunity to meet so many caliber of people from almost all sectors of the economy including NGO's who had similar missions as SmartKids foundation. They showed keen interest in the foundation especially the headmaster of Takoradi Technical institute,representative from UNICEF, resource person from the oil industry, business men, students and invited guest.
It was such a successfulness meeting. We took pictures of the event.The pictures can be accessed from this link. or click on the picture above to link you to the rest of the pictures.